Sharing Traffic Safety Data

The Denver Post reported on the need for more cooperation between relevant organizations when it comes to sharing traffic safety data in order to help prevent some of the traffic accidents on Denver streets. In many large cities, the police, state department of transportation, school districts, and other organizations, including federal agencies, work cooperatively to share the data that each needs in order to make proper decisions quickly, in order to make the city streets safer in terms of car crashes. In Denver, some of that data sharing is lacking, so that when an organization needs data that is tracked by another organization, they may need to file paperwork and wait long time periods to get that data. Various entities collect all the data that would ever be needed, they simply need to work on sharing that data. Data compiled for the Post by the Denver Police shows that pedestrian accidents are way up this year compared to 2010.

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The first four months of 2009 saw 129 pedestrian accidents in Denver. The first four months of 2013 saw 143. Most troubling is the increase of over 50% in the number of hit-and-run collisions. Lt. Robert Rock of the Denver Police traffic investigation division talked about how they catch hit-and-run drivers. He spoke specifically of the highly publicized case of a woman who struck a high school student while crossing the street in front of East High School and fled. He said that not only did a business’s security camera catch the original accident, other security cameras actually allowed them to observe the woman’s car while stopped at red lights as she continued on. In this way, they were able to see more and more detail about the vehicle that they were looking for.

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