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Accidents can strike in an instant. One moment you are driving down Interstate 25 when you are struck from behind by a motor vehicle. Or, you walk into a pharmacy to pick up your prescription when you slip and fall, suffering a serious brain injury.

If you or someone you care about has been injured, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Colorado Springs for assistance. Our Colorado Springs injury lawyers have helped many people just like you get compensation after suffering injuries in an accident.

Injured in a car accident? Our car accident attorneys in Colorado Springs can provide the legal representation you need. Schedule your free case evaluation by calling Denver Trial Lawyers today at (303) 647-9990!

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    Cases Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Colorado Springs Handle

    Personal injury is a broad field that generally covers accidents leading to bodily injuries. Our team has wide experience bringing all sorts of cases, including those that stem from:

    Unlike other firms that do personal injury on the side, we make it the center of our practice. Every member of our team has helped countless injured victims in their hour of need.

    After an accident, seek out immediate medical help. The sooner you receive treatment, the better your odds of making a strong comeback. And when you feel up to it, contact a personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs to review your case.

    Establishing Liability

    The fact that you were injured in an accident is not really enough to get compensation. Instead, you need to prove that someone else was at fault. In most cases, this means establishing that the person was negligent.

    Colorado law requires that all people use reasonable care in their daily activities. If they don’t, and they end up injuring someone, then they can be sued and must pay compensation to victims.

    Whether someone has been negligent depends on the circumstances. But there are some obvious examples of negligence, such as motorists who are intoxicated, high, distracted, tired, or talking on a cell phone when behind the wheel. A motorist who engages in risky maneuvers, like running a red light, is also liable for any accidents committed. Meet with a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney to review your case.

    Statute of Limitations

    Colorado gives you a short amount of time to vindicate your right to compensation, with the amount of time depending on the type of case you are bringing:

    • Personal injury involving motor vehicle: 3 years (Colo. Rev. Stat.§ 13-80-101(1)(n))
    • Other personal injury: 2 years (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 13-80-102(1)(i))
    • Product liability: 2 years (Colo. Rev. Stat.§ 13-80-102(1)(b))

    There are severe consequences that await anyone who does not meet the statutory deadline. In particular, a judge will dismiss your case form court, and you will not be able to refile later to hold the defendant responsible for your injuries. As a result, you can end up with no compensation at all, even though the defendant’s negligence injured you.

    There are some narrow exceptions that exist to the statute of limitations, but it is best not to rely on them. If you were in an accident, speak with a car accident attorney in Colorado Springs to protect your rights. Our accident attorneys in Colorado Springs have the experience you need to help you get the compensation you deserve.

    Compensation for Car Accidents

    The purpose of bringing a personal injury claim is to receive compensation for your injuries. At our firm, many of our clients have qualified for money to pay for:

    • Medical care, including diagnostic tests, transportation to the hospital, surgery, doctor visits, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, and prosthetics
    • Lost wages, if you had to take some time off from work to recover
    • Property damage to fix your car

    Colorado also lets victims receive some compensation for less tangible losses, such as:

    • Physical pain
    • Mental distress
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Disfigurement
    • Disability

    Not every client qualifies to receive all of the above. However, you should meet with a car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs to review.

    If a loved one died, then surviving family members might receive compensation for the financial losses that stem from the wrongful death. For example, some of our clients receive compensation to make up for the wages the loved one would have earned had she or he lived.

    Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Colorado Springs Today

    Denver Trial Lawyers is an experienced law firm with a long roster of satisfied clients. If you have suffered an injury and want to discuss next steps, contact us today. One of our lawyers can review the accident and determine whether you have a valid claim for compensation.

    Reach out to schedule a free, no-risk consultation. You can contact us online, or call us at (303) 647-9990. Our personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs are able to meet clients in Colorado Springs and throughout Colorado.


    Over a BillionDollars Recovered for Our Clients
    • University of Michigan/Dr. Robert Anderson Sexual Abuse $490 Million

      $490 million settlement on behalf of more than 1000 men sexually abused by Dr. Robert Anderson. The largest known sexual abuse settlement on behalf of male victims in the history of the United States.

    • USA Gymnastics/USOPC Larry Nasser Sexual Abuse $380 Million

      We represented multiple survivors in the case against USA Gymnastics and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee for the sexual abuse by Larry Nassar resulting in a $380M settlement.

    • Birth Injury Involving Misuse of Drug to Induce Labor $70 Million

      $70 million arbitration award, the largest known medical malpractice arbitration award in U.S. history. David S Woodruff handled this birth injury case involving an HMO labor/delivery unit that misused Cytotec, a drug used to induce labor.

    • Settlement for Individuals Injured by a Defective Product $23 Million

      Settlement for group of individuals injured by a defective product. Dan Sloane was a member of a national team of lawyers who helped secure this settlement. The largest single settlement in the country was paid to Dan’s individual client.

    • Largest Medical Malpractice Settlement in Colorado $22.3 Million

      $22.3 million medical malpractice settlement. In 2016 David Woodruff obtained the largest known medical malpractice settlement in Colorado.

    • Medical Malpractice Verdict for Victim of Paralysis $15 Million

      A jury handed down a $15 million verdict to a man who was paralyzed from the chest down just hours after a doctor at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs discharged him. It’s the largest sum ever awarded in a medical malpractice suit in Colorado.

    • Drunk Driving Accident Resulting in Rollover Collision $8.91 Million

      Rollover collision – Steve Wahlberg represented the driver of a vehicle struck by a drunk driver. The Court entered judgment of $4,455,000 including 1.5 million in physical impairment, $4,455,000 in punitive damages.

    • Commercial Vehicle Accident Resulting in Catastrophic Injury $8 Million

      An attorney from our firm served as lead counsel in a contested liability accident involving a commercial vehicle. Our client was catastrophically injured and he successfully negotiated a $8,000,000 settlement on her behalf.

    • Birth Injury Verdict Involving a Misplaced Device $7.2 Million

      $7 million medical malpractice jury verdict. David Woodruff handled this birth injury case, which culminated in a 2-week jury trial in Colorado Springs. The case involved a physician who misplaced a “vacuum extraction device” while delivering the infant.

    • The Largest Personal Injury Verdict in Colorado in 2016 $6 Million

      Steve Wahlberg received the largest personal injury verdict in Colorado in 2016. They represented a pedestrian who was run over by a bus. The jury awarded the fourth largest verdict in Colorado History for permanent physical impairment.

    Client testimonials

    Real Stories From Real People
    • “Dan Sloane is very professional and impressed me during negotiations with his clever strategies. He sincerely cares and seeks justice. Dan knows what he's doing and won our case for us.”

      - Julie D.
    • “David Woodruff and his team worked long and hard for my settlement. They were able to get more than I expected. I would highly recommend them.”

      - Heather N.
    • “Michael Nimmo took my case that a dozen other lawyers rejected. He was incredibly thorough backing up everything with my doctors. He was supportive, caring, and obviously legally astute. He won the case and the award helped me to transition to retirement.”

      - Patty M.
    • “Throughout the entire process, Stephen Wahlberg and his staff were professional, timely, and went above and beyond in their empathetic approach to the family and diligence and confidence in pursuing the case. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

      - Catrina A.
    • “Dan Sloane of Denver Trial Lawyers was always there and helped guide me step by step through the process. He made the case easier for me to understand. I recommend him highly! Very trustworthy!”

      - Esther G.
    • “I trusted him so much”

      - Christina

    Why Hire Denver Trial Lawyers

    • Over a Billion in Recoveries

      We have represented thousands of individuals against insurance companies and corporations, recovering more than a billion dollars in the process.

    • A Voice for Change

      Attorneys at our firm have been at the helm of cases that have gone on to influence legislation, change laws, and impact society for the better.

    • We Won't Settle for Less

      We are trial lawyers through and through, and we will take your case as far as it can go. Our attorneys have tried 100+ cases with extraordinary results.

    • No Cost Unless We Win

      We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid if we win your case.

    • Serving Our Community

      Giving back to our community is extremely important to us. We support a number of charitable programs.

    • A Passion for Justice

      Our goal is to level the playing field between our clients and the large companies and corporations they are up against.

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