It’s Official: Women Drive Better Than Men

You’ve heard the arguments for years-men believe they are better drivers and naturally, women believe that they are better drivers. Yet for decades-no one knew for sure. Now it seems that those arguments can be put to rest. A new study has found that YES-women really are better drivers. Sorry guys.

It seems that an astonishing 80% of all fatal and serious car accidents are caused by men and women are actually 27% less likely to cause an accident at all! Male drivers also receive 3x as many DUI citations as women. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute found that each year more men die in car crashes-compared to women.

The study was based on traffic violations, accidents, and insurance price statistics for men and women across the years. In nearly every single category, men were the worst driver. They received more traffic violations for reckless driving, failure to yield, seat belt violations, and even speeding. 
These statistics are a big part of the reason that men pay more for car insurance than women. In fact, the average 6-month policy for a man cost $765, compared to just $698 for women drivers.

Safety Is a Priority for Everyone

While women may be the better drivers, they are just as at risk when it comes to being involved in a serious collision. In accidents of equal severity, women were actually more likely to be the ones killed or injured. This makes car safety a priority for everyone on the road-regardless of your sex.

Men and women can become better drivers simply by avoiding the 3 D’s of the road: distraction, drinking, and distance. All drivers need to pay close attention to the road and to other drivers around them. Avoid talking on your phone, texting, eating, or engaging in any other type of distracted driving behavior while behind the wheel.

As always, never get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you have been drinking or doing drugs. Alcohol and drug use impairs your judgment and delays reaction time significantly. Drivers who are impaired need to take a cab home or ask a sober friend to drive them.

Distance is another key factor in avoiding dangerous and catastrophic accidents. Drivers need to maintain a distance of at least 2-3 seconds behind the car in front of you in good weather. In poor weather conditions, this distance should increase to 4-5 seconds. Rainy weather makes it more difficult to stop and avoid collisions, especially at high rates of speed. By maintaining the appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you, you can avoid deadly accidents. 
In addition to avoiding the 3 D’s, all drivers in Denver and throughout Colorado are urged to adhere all the traffic laws of the state. This includes obeying posted speed limit signs and yielding to oncoming traffic appropriately.

Sometimes Accidents Are Unavoidable

There are times when despite your best efforts, an accident is unavoidable. When this occurs, it is important to review all of your legal options with an experienced and qualified Denver personal injury attorney. Your attorney can review the details of your accident and your injuries to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Don’t delay, however. Time is of the essence in filing car accident claims in Colorado.

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