Porter Adventist Hospital Sterilization Crisis

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We are the lawyers in charge.  The team at Denver Trial Lawyers ® is pursuing lawsuits against Porter Adventist Hospital for patients who suffered infection after surgery.   Partner David S. Woodruff and his team have spent the past year investigating the sterilization breach.  Our firm represents over 100 patients who were injured or killed by severe surgical site infections or who acquired Hepatitis from surgery at Porter.

The Sterilization Breach at Porter Hospital

On April 5, 2018 Porter Adventist Hospital closed its Operating Rooms, publicly acknowledging that the hospital had serious ongoing problems with sterilization of surgical instruments.  The closure was the result of investigations by The Joint Commission, The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).

In February 2018, The Joint Commission investigated and determined that Porter Adventist Hospital was a “threat to patient safety.” Investigation by the Department of Health and CMS uncovered evidence that, for a period of “at least several years,” Porter Hospital had an ongoing problem with sterilization of surgical instruments.  The problem, according to state investigators, was a chronic failure by staff and management in the Sterile Processing Department to comply with state and federal regulations and hospital policies.  Internal audits and interviews with Sterile Processing Staff confirmed frightening numbers of incidents whereby “sterile” instrument in the OR were found with visible contaminants, including remnants of blood, bone, tissue, bone cement, missing “sterile” tags, and even a dead insect in a surgical tray.

These grotesque failures were caused by administration failing to properly staff and train the Sterile Processing Department.  SPD staff was inadequately trained, underqualified, lacked certification, and was badly overworked due to understaffing.  The result: SPD staff skipped steps in the sterilization process, took shortcuts, and failed to follow hospital and industry standards for sterilization.  Government investigators confirmed, through interviews with SPD staff and management, that this problem had been ongoing for “at least several years.” 

Porter Hospital Infection Lawyers

David Woodruff and his team at Denver Trial Lawyers ® are the lead lawyers pursuing lawsuits against Porter Hospital.  David Woodruff is an award-winning lawyer who is nationally recognized as one of the nation’s premier medical malpractice attorneys.  Mr. Woodruff has recovered numerous record-setting verdicts and settlements, including the largest medical malpractice arbitration award in U.S. history ($70 million) and the largest known medical malpractice settlement in Colorado history ($23 million).  A former Texas Assistant Attorney General with 20 years of hospital negligence experience, Mr. Woodruff is uniquely situated to lead the Porter Hospital lawsuits.

The Mass Lawsuit Against Porter Hospital - June 15, 2019

On June 15, 2019 the lawyers at Denver Trial Lawyers ® filed a lawsuit against Porter Hospital on behalf of 86 individuals, including 67 patients and 19 spouses.  These patients suffered catastrophic infections after surgery, including hip replacements, knee replacements, spine surgeries, eye surgeries, mastectomies, heart surgeries, hysterectomies, and other surgeries.  These claims are related because all patients were injured by Porter’s conduct.  However, each patient has his/her own claim for damages.  To see a copy of the lawsuit, please click here.

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Our firm is investigating the Porter Hospital infection situation. If you or one of your loved ones have been affected in any way, please get in touch with one of our lawyers right away.

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