Motorcycle Accident Injuries: Common Types

Motorcyclists and their passengers are extremely vulnerable when they are involved in a crash.

Unlike motorists in passenger sedans, bikers are not protected by a steel shell.

Instead, motorcyclists often are struck directly by a vehicle and can go skidding across the asphalt.

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Below, our Denver motorcycle accident lawyers review the most common types of motorcycle injuries our clients face.

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Road Rash

Any exposed skin can suffer a friction burn when rubbed across asphalt. Motorcyclists who are wearing shorts or short-sleeved shirts without a jacket can suffer a friction burn called “road rash.”

Friction burns must be cleaned thoroughly so they do not become infected. When several layers of skin are torn completely off, a person might need skin grafts.

Unsightly scars are also unfortunately common.

Broken Bones

A biker can break a bone in their arms, legs, hands, or feet.

A broken pelvis is also another fairly common motorcycle accident injury.

Broken bones usually heal on their own within a matter of months, but some breaks are so bad that a doctor needs to insert a plate, screw, or pin to keep the bones together and allow them to fuse together.

Biker’s Arm

In the seconds before impact, many bikers brace themselves by wrapping an arm around their chest.

If they land on this arm, they can suffer serious nerve damage, which causes pain and weakness in the limb. This is called “biker’s arm,” and is a serious injury that sometimes does not improve.

Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accident injuries to the head are some of the most serious and life-changing that a client can suffer.

Even when a person is wearing a helmet, they can suffer a concussion or traumatic brain injury, which can impair all sorts of essential functions like memory, speech, mobility, balance, and thought.

Other serious motorcycle brain injuries include bleeding, contusions, and swelling. A cracked skull can also lead to problems, even death. To relieve pressure on the brain, many accident victims need immediate surgery.

Spinal Cord Injury

The vertebrae surrounding the spinal cord can shatter or crack, which can lead to damage to the spinal cord.

Because the spinal cord plays a central role in sending signals from the brain to the rest of the body, a person can suffer lost sensation or even paralysis when the cord is damaged.

When the damage is severe, a person is often paralyzed below the point of the injury.

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