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Homeowner’s Insurance Bad Faith

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Homeowner’s insurance is a critical part of home ownership. In the event something catastrophic happens, having a policy that can back you up and provide you with the funds to rebuild and replace that which you have lost can be an invaluable investment. However, homeowner’s insurance companies are not always as reliable and trustworthy as they may proclaim themselves to be—when you’re waiting for your settlement but your company seems to be in no rush to give it to you, you may be the victim of insurance bad faith.

At Denver Trial Lawyers, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with an insurance company that isn’t placing your best interests first, and that’s why we’re committed to doing so in order to get you the settlement you deserve. We are a trial-tested and proven team of attorneys who have litigated more than 100 full jury trials, earning a substantial record of success in the process. It can be intimidating to think about challenging your insurance company, but we aren’t afraid to stand up for your rights as a policy holder or claimant and we may be able to help you fight for the best possible outcome to your case.

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What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance companies are required by law to adhere to the policies they sell, and that means handling your claim with good intentions and no undue burden. However, because insurance companies are businesses, they exist to make money. The more they have to pay out, the smaller their profit margins. So to try and reduce their financial liability, these companies will sometimes resort to underhanded tactics to try and get their claimants to accept smaller settlements and keep profit levels high.

Here are four signs you may be the victim of insurance bad faith:

  • Long, unnecessary delays in your claim
  • Poor communication or inability to contact your insurance company
  • Lowball settlement offers
  • Unnecessary or repetitive paperwork requirements
  • Refusal to pay, even after a settlement has been agreed upon

It’s perfectly normal to expect paperwork and at least some delays when filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, but these particular matters are more prone to these underhanded tactics because of the sheer size and value how much a claim can cost. If a home suffers catastrophic damage, such as a fire, flood, or collapsed roof, repairs can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. This is magnified even more after a major disaster, such as a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, when a lot of claims will be pouring in all at the same time. By doing what they can to lower their financial responsibility to pay for these claims, these insurance keep their profit margins padded and their business successful, often at the expense of homeowners who need them the most.

Put a Powerful Ally On Your Side!

Denver Trial Lawyers is not afraid to stand up for clients who believe their homeowner’s insurance claim may have been mishandled by their provider. We are committed to helping you enforce the policy that you’ve purchased and making sure your insurer is accountable for the policy that you’ve paid for. Our substantial record of success speaks for our ability to do so—we have successfully recovered more than $300 million behalf of our clients, and we may be able to help you too.

Stop fighting with your homeowner’s insurance company and contact Denver Trial Lawyers online now start finding a resolution to your case!

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