Uninsured Motorist Insurance Bad Faith

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Everyone who drives on public roads is required to carry liability insurance, but unfortunately, not everybody follows this law. Uninsured motorists are everywhere, and unfortunately, they cause millions of dollars in damage in car accidents each year.

Uninsured motorists often don’t have the money to pay for the damages they cause, which is why uninsured motorist insurance is such valuable protection to carry.

However, when your insurance provider acts in bad faith, you may be stuck waiting for compensation for your injuries and car damage with little to no end in sight.

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, we know how stressful it is to deal with an insurance company acting unethically, and that’s why we’re committed advocates for policy holders and claimants all across the Denver area.

We have tried more than 100 jury trials and earned a substantial record of success along with a reputation for excellence.

We know that standing up to your insurance company can be an intimidating prospect, but we’re here to tell you that not only should you do so to preserve your rights, but we may be able to help you do so successfully by standing by your side and holding them accountable for actions which are forbidden by law.


How Companies Act in Bad Faith

When insurance companies offer policies, they are required by law to adhere to the terms of those policies and act in a way that shows good intentions, even if it means the possibility of massive payouts.

However, insurance companies are businesses, and the more a company pays out the smaller the profit margins become. Bad faith is when companies prioritize this bottom line at their policy holders’ expense, putting their profits over their legal duty to protect those with legitimate claims.

Some signs that you might be the victim of bad faith insurance include:

  • Unnecessary or excessive paperwork requests
  • Sluggish or lack of communication with claimants

These tactics are more common than you might think, particularly in uninsured motorist cases.

Most of the time uninsured motorists have very few assets to their name, and companies know they probably won’t recover the amount that they have to pay to their insured when they sue the person responsible for the accident.

As a result, the payout is usually a loss, and that motivates the insurance company to do what they can to try and reduce the settlement amount and minimize their payout to soften the blow and keep profit margins higher.

Get Help from a Skilled Advocate

If you think your claim has been mishandled or treated with bad faith, it’s important to have an attorney on your side.

nsurance companies face stiff consequences if they’re found to have acted in bad faith, and this makes them far more likely to handle your claim appropriately when they know there is a chance they could face these penalties.

Denver Trial Lawyers ® is committed to helping you enforce the duty of care and responsibility and hold your company responsible if they mistreat or mishandle your claim.

We have successfully obtained more than $300 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our client, and we may be able to help you get the settlement you need for your claim as well.