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More than 200 medications have been linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS), a disease of the skin that may be the result of an allergic reaction to medication. Approximately 500 people are affected by SJS per year. In many cases, SJS is a life-threatening reaction and can lead to serious complications such as sepsis and meningitis.

The cause of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome isn’t always clear; however, it is almost always identified as a specific type of allergic reaction, typically in response to a certain medication or infection. Considered to be an emergency medical condition, SJS requires hospitalization and can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to treat.

If you or someone you love developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome while taking an over-the-counter medication, do not wait to seek legal help. After you’ve been medically treated for your condition and your health is stable, an attorney from our firm can help you fight for compensation.

Drugs Linked to SJS

There are a wide variety of drugs that may be linked to SJS. Those who suffer from an allergic reaction to these drugs should discontinue use immediately and seek professional medical help.

The following are drugs that have been linked to SJS:

  • Advil/Ibuprofen
  • Ansaid/Flurbiprofen
  • Allopurinal
  • Bextra/Valdexocib
  • Cataglam/Diclofenac
  • Celebrex/Celoxicab
  • Children’s Advil/Motrin
  • Clinoril/Sulindac
  • Daypro/Oxaprozin
  • Dilantin/Phenytoin
  • Cerebyx/Fosphenytoin
  • Dolobid/Diflunisal
  • Feldene/Piroxicam
  • Indocin/Indomethacin
  • Lamictal/Lamotrigine
  • Lodine/Etodolac
  • Nalfon/Fenoprofen
  • Mobic/Meloxicam
  • Motrin/Ibuprofen
  • Naptosyn/Naproxen
  • Oruvail/Ketoprofen
  • Ponstel/Mefenamic
  • Relafen/Nabumetone
  • Tolectin/Tolmetin
  • Vioxx/Refecoxib
  • Zithromax/Azithromycin

Studies have shown that Dilantin is definitively linked to SJS.

Symptoms of SJS

In most cases, SJS begins with flu-like symptoms before progressing. A patient may experience a cough, sore throat, burning eyes, and fever before developing more serious symptoms.

Other symptoms of SJS include:

  • Painful blisters
  • Hives
  • Red or purple rash on skin
  • Skin pain
  • Swelling of tongue & face
  • Shedding of skin

Recovery from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome can take months. Patients who suffer from SJS may develop eye problems as well as severe skin problems, such as one would experience after a burn. This is referred to as toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN). When Stevens-Johnson Syndrome presents itself in this form, the patient’s skin peels off in large sheets. TEN is fatal in up to 1/3 of cases.

Erythema Multiforme (EM) is another type of skin condition connected to SJS. It is characterized by symmetrically shaped areas of raised, red skin; however, symptoms are not displayed throughout the whole body. Erythema Multiforme Minor (EM Minor) is a milder form of SJS, a version that includes acute skin eruptions but does not involve mucous membranes. Erythema Multiforme Major (EM Major), on the other hand, does involve mucous membranes and is more technically related to SJS. In addition to the skin, areas of the mouth and eyes are often affected by EM Major.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Lawsuits

As noted above, many different medications can result in SJS, the most common of these being anti-convulsants, anti-inflammatory medications, and antibiotics. In particular, Bextra, Coreg, and Dilantin have been shown to cause an alarming number of occurrences of the life-threatening skin reaction.

Even if you’re unsure which medication caused your skin reaction, if you suffered from SJS, we encourage you to speak with a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome lawyer at our office about your case. We are currently investigating potential cases, and we would be happy to review your case in order to determine if you are owed financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

To date, SJS victims who’ve taken legal action have successfully secured millions of dollars in compensation. Our drug injury lawyers may be able to help do the same for you. Contact our office today for a free, confidential consultation.

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