Mother of Two Dead After Crash in Lodo

Denver, CO -- A woman died in a crash in downtown Denver on Saturday night that police say was likely caused by speeding.

The woman, whose family identified her as Jessica Marie Allen, was T-boned at the intersection of 18th and Lawrence Street.

The other involved vehicle smashed Allen’s sedan into the Old Spaghetti Factory building. The other car, an SUV, slammed into the building as well; the impact threw the SUV onto its side.

When the Denver Police Department arrived at the scene after 10:00 PM, they had to use the Jaws of Life to extract the individuals inside the SUV. One of the passengers sustained injuries in the crash and required medical treatment.

A second individual, a pedestrian, was also injured in the collision. The police reported that the pedestrian was injured when debris from the crash hit them.

The authorities pronounced Allen dead at the scene of the crash. Her family said that she was delivering food when the collision occurred. Allen is survived by her two daughters, husband, both parents, four sisters, and a brother. 

Denver Police arrested the SUV’s driver at the crash site. Neither their identity nor the identity of either of the injured individuals has been released.

Although many details about the crash remain unknown, police said they hope to determine the exact speed at which the SUV was traveling through accident reconstruction.

 Source: The Denver ChannelThe Denver Post

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