Why You Shouldn’t Post About Your Injury on Social Media

Although it may be tempting to vent your frustrations or ask for advice online during a personal injury case, you need to be careful what you share on social media. Even the most well-intentioned posts can be used against you.

Evidence to Disprove Your Claim

If your social media posts disprove your statements or show details you may not have recalled pertaining to your personal injury case, they can be used against you. A post that may seem entirely innocent to you may be the perfect piece of evidence for a defense attorney. For example, if you are claiming that an injury has impacted your mental health, yet you constantly post photos showing you smiling and socializing with friends and family, this evidence may be used by the defense.

Negative Posts About the Defendant

After being injured, it’s only normal to be angry and frustrated. That being said, don’t take it out on social media. If you go on a tirade about the defendant, a defense attorney may use the posts to show you in a bad light.

Tips for Using Social Media After an Injury

  1. Make your social media profile private. This blocks outsiders from viewing your profiles.
  2. Don’t post pictures or videos. The defendant may use these as proof your injuries aren’t as bad as your claim they are.
  3. Don’t tag yourself in pictures or videos. Tagging yourself makes you visible on other people’s accounts, which may not be private and can be easily accessed.
  4. Don’t talk about your accident. Even if your profile is private, screenshots could be used against you.
  5. Don’t delete existing posts about your claim. If there’s already a post about your injury, leave it. Deleting it may be considered destroying evidence.
  6. Stay off social media. If you’re worried about getting in trouble, simply delete all social media apps from you smartphone or deactivate your accounts until your claim is finished.

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