Gas Leaks at Heather Gardens Lead to Death, Destruction of Multiple Homes

A gas leak and explosion at Heather Gardens Clubhouse in Aurora last Tuesday killed one 82-year-old resident, destroyed several homes, and incited anger among other residents, who are now demanding answers. Heather Gardens residents and leaders of the senior living community held a closed-door HOA meeting on Tuesday, where residents were told that there had been multiple reported gas leaks, none of which had been verified by Aurora Fire Rescue or Xcel Energy. Despite reports of gas leaks, no residents were evacuated from the premises and the majority had not been notified of the dangers.

Wrongful Death & Property Damages Claims After Heather Gardens Explosion

Some evidence suggests that the gas leaks may be connected to on-site, underground drilling by a third-party contractor who struck natural gas lines multiple times. However, there are also many questions as to why Heather Gardens leadership did not order evacuations or clearly communicate the danger to community members.

It is possible the lack of communication and action by Heather Gardens administrations could result in liability for the damages caused by the leaks and explosion. If so, Heather Gardens staff could be vulnerable to lawsuits and required to compensate affected persons for loss of life, health, property, and finances. (Negligence by third-party contractors, Xcel Energy, and other involved parties could also play a role in affected persons’ ability to sue and recover appropriate compensation for damages.)

We Handle Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claims

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, we serve people who have been injured through the negligence of others. We are prepared to represent Heather Gardens residents affected by the recent gas leaks and explosion. If you or someone you love has experienced loss or harm of any kind as a result of the explosion last Friday, we may be able to help you pursue fair compensation and investigate the potential negligence of Heather Gardens staff, Xcel Energy officials, third-party contractors, and other parties involved. We are prepared to handle claims involving wrongful deathgross negligence, property loss, and other damages related to the gas explosion.

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