Porter Adventist Hospital Sued for Patient Infections

Denver’s Porter Adventist Hospital faces potential lawsuits from dozens of patients who suffered infections due to poor sterilization of medical equipment. Officials from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment concluded that Porter Hospital failed to properly sterilize surgical instruments for a period of 2 years, exposing patients to increased infection risk.

Denver Trial Lawyers ® partner and medical malpractice specialist, David Woodruff, will be serving as lead counsel on behalf of dozens of patients considering legal action against the hospital. According to Mr. Woodruff, “Our clients who developed infections after surgery at Porter Hospital have suffered catastrophic injuries from which they may never recover.” Many of his clients had the flowing types of infections:

  • Deep Tissue Infections
  • Deep Joint Infections
  • Spine Infections
  • Hip Infections
  • Knee Infections

Patients who developed infections after surgery at Porter often required months of I.V. antibiotics. In many cases, patients needed multiple follow-up surgeries to clean out infected spines or joints. Many had to have hardware removed and replaced. Several patients died as a result of their infections.

Speaking about the lack of oversight at Porter Adventist Hospital, attorney Woodruff said, “What we know from the Department of Health is that Porter was not properly sterilizing their surgical instruments. They were actually delivering dirty, contaminated instruments into the operating room. So surgeons were using instruments already contaminated with bacteria.”

Although the Department of Health has already pointed out the flawed procedures used by the hospital, Woodruff anticipates a heavy legal battle against Porter Adventist Hospital.

Denver Medical Malpractice Attorneys

At the Denver Trial Lawyers ®, our legal team is committed to advocating for clients who have suffered serious injuries due to the neglect of others. Our goal is to make sure that all hospitals are safe for patients and provide the adequate care that they deserve. That is why we want to make sure patients who suffered infections at Porter Adventist are fully compensated for their injuries. By holding this hospital accountable for its actions, we can make sure the entire industry takes steps to improve safety measures.

Currently, our law firm is representing a large number of patients who suffered terrible infections while they were at Porter Adventist. If you or a loved one contracted an infection at Porter Adventist, you should immediately get in touch with our office to discuss your options under the law.

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