Fighting for DUI Victims

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, we believe that drunk drivers should always be held accountable. If you have been hurt by someone driving under the influence, you are entitled to seek compensation. Unfortunately, drunk driving tends to become more common around the holiday season.

It was recently reported that nearly 350 suspected DUI arrests were made across Colorado amidst heightened law-enforcement efforts around Halloween. This news represents a frightening trend, signifying the need for Colorado drivers to be more cautious this time of year than ever.

Our attorneys at Denver Trial Lawyers ® are known for representing victims of drunk driving accidents, and have seen the negative effects of DUIs firsthand. Stay safe out there this holiday season, and please contact experienced representation if you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver.

‘The Heat Is On'

The 350 DUI arrests made on or around Halloween this year took place in conjunction with the Heat Is On campaign, which is sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation in conjunction with statewide law enforcement officials. Partners with the Heat Is On, such as the Colorado State Patrol, ran this campaign from Oct. 26th through Nov. 1st. Although the number of arrests during this period were down from 375 last year, ideally there would be no drunk drivers.

CDOT’s efforts followed an earlier Fall Festival DUI enforcement push, which ran from Sept. 14th through Oct. 22nd, and averaged 45 arrests per day. “Our goal is to keep the road safe for all users, and impaired drivers pose a serious hazard to themselves and others. It only takes one or two drinks to reduce your coordination, reaction time and judgement,” said CDOT Safety Director, Darrell Lingk.”A DUI is a mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life.”

Seventy-four law enforcement agencies reportedly made arrests during the Heat Is On campaign this year, with the State Patrol making as many as 57 across Colorado. Denver police alone made 23 arrests. The campaign will fire up again around Thanksgiving, running between Nov. 16th and Nov. 25th. Last year, 617 people were arrested for DUI during this 10-day period.

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