Colorado’s Dram Shop Statute and What It Means for Victims of Drunk Driving

When a car crash occurs and involves a drunk driver, it’s easy for everyone to put sole fault on the driver. While it is very easy to see why, there may be other parties who shoulder some responsibility for the crash.

In Colorado, there are dram shop laws that can alter a case dramatically in favor of the victim who sustained injury as a result of the drunk driving crash. Understanding this law can help you understand what legal options you may have.

What Does the Law Say?

Colorado dram shop laws state that if a person is injured as a result of a drunk driving crash, they may be able to hold a bar, establishment, restaurant, social hosts, or other businesses accountable in various circumstances involving over-serving the drunk driver.

These parties may be held accountable if they serve alcohol to a person that is already visibly intoxicated or to a minor and then allow them to leave the establishment and drive. If the driver crashes into someone causing injury, the party who contributed to the intoxication may be liable.

What Does This Mean for Injured Parties?

For individuals who have been injured in a drunk driving crash, dram shop laws afford additional opportunities to seek compensation. This is not in lieu of legal action against the drunk driver—instead, it is a separate action that can be filed.

Dram shop laws allow injury victims to hold all responsible parties accountable, which for many means seeking justice and seeking change. By taking legal action against another party, you can help change the way they operate and prevent them from serving alcohol to minors or already intoxicated individuals.

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