Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents

It’s an unfortunate situation, but each year we see tens of thousands of drunk drivers take to the road, putting others at serious risk of a collision—or worse, significant injury. These drivers don’t think about their actions and still allow themselves to operate vehicles while intoxicated.

For drivers, the practice of defensive driving is a common thing in preventing accidents. However, there are extra precautions that can be taken to help avoid drunk driving accidents. Here are some of the things you can do to protect yourself.

Avoid Driving Late at Night

While drunk drivers can be out at any time, they’re more prominent as the night goes on. The later it is, the more dangerous it can be for others on the road. If you have to travel, go early enough so you can easily spot drunk drivers on the road.

Watch out for the Signs of a Drunk Driver

There are specific signs that you may notice that could help identify if a driver is drunk. While you wouldn’t know for sure without having a breathalyzer, certain behaviors can show you that something is wrong.

Be sure to watch out for:

  • Drivers who are swerving from one lane to another
  • Drivers who are constantly slowing down and speeding up
  • Erratic behavior such as sudden actions

If you notice any driver being erratic, you can call the local authorities and report a possible drunk driver.

Stay Away

If you recognize that someone may be drunk, don’t try to pass them. Be sure to stay far away from them after calling the authorities. You don’t want to give them any chance to run into your vehicle. If you’re unable to stay a good distance from them, consider stopping at the nearest possible spot.

Drunk driving crashes are not always preventable, but taking the steps can only increase your chances of staying safe.

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