Who Is Responsible in Contamination Issues at Hospitals?

Despite the duty of care for hospitals, there are far too many instances where things go wrong and individuals are placed at risk of serious bodily harm.

One of the hazards that may be faced is the issue of contamination due to the lack of proper sterilization. There are instances in which the hospital equipment is not properly sterilized, leaving unknown substances and residue which can be dangerous to the patients.

In order to take legal action after being harmed due to contamination in a hospital, you need to know who can be considered responsible for the damages. Here are some things to consider when figuring out how to pursue compensation.

When a Nurse Is Responsible

Determining if a nurse or other staff member is responsible means finding out exactly how the equipment was provided to the patient. Did the nurse check for unknown substances? Was it properly sterilized following prior use? It’s important to determine these facts.

When a Doctor Is Responsible

If a doctor or surgeon is scheduled to use the equipment, but they either fail to recognize the contamination or proceed with use despite contamination, they can be considered accountable. It’s important for doctors to ensure the equipment they are using is safe.

When the Hospital Is Responsible

The hospital may be considered responsible when it either hires untrained staff or fails to provide proper training. Similarly, if the hospital fails to do a background check for past issues, this may be considered in a contamination case.

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