Driving on Icy and Snow-Covered Roads

Storms have dropped even more snow across the Denver Metro Area than was first predicted, with areas in the foothills getting close to two feet, and well over the ten inches predicted in initial forecasts. Because of the high levels of snow, the city is planning to deploy their fleet of pick-up trucks to plow the residential streets across the city. This step, which is fairly uncommon, is being done in hopes of preventing the deep ruts and frozen snow that can accumulate on side streets after massive snowfall. It is expected to take several days to get to all of the streets, while the city’s 70 snow plows are working to clear arterial roads and highways. One of the concerns is that after the snow storm, temperatures are expected to drop, so that the snow that melts on roads as people drive on it will freeze to the road, creating particularly poor driving conditions.

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Everyone understands that driving on icy and snow-covered roads is different than driving on dry roads, but not everyone fully understands the potential dangers, and more importantly, sometimes people know what they should do differently, but just don’t do it. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has some great information and tips about winter driving on their website. Most of the information is common sense or information that you learned during driver’s ed, but all of it can help you be safe on these wintry roads. One tip that many people may overlook is to make sure that you have good tires on your car. Most of the problems with snow are ultimately about traction. Maximizing your traction by making sure that your tires have good tread can go a long way toward keeping you, and the others around you on the road, safe during winter weather.

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