Woodruff Represents Cañon City Man in Wrongful Death Claim

CNN reported on the story of a Cañon City man whose wife and unborn twin children died at St. Thomas More Hospital in Cañon City. Jeremy Stodghill took his wife Lori, seven months pregnant with twins, to the emergency room on New Years Day, at the advice of her doctor. Lori was having trouble breathing, so Jeremy left work to take her to the emergency room. At the emergency room, Lori collapsed and died, losing the twins in the process. Believing that an emergency C-Section that hospital staff chose not to do may have saved the lives of his unborn sons, as well as possibly Lori, Jeremy filed a wrongful death suit against the hospital on behalf of Lori and the twins. In a surprising move, the Catholic hospital argued that because the twins were not yet born, they were not people with standing to file suit. Many people believe that this contrasts with the Catholic Church’s position that life begins at conception. Jeremy lost his initial suit, but is currently appealing the decision.

In recent years, our firm has been involved in a number of cases which have risen to national media prominence. This is yet another, asDavid Woodruff is among the attorneys representing Mr. Stodghill in his claim against the hospital.