Icy Road Conditions Led to Highway Collision, One Fatality in Longmont

Longmont, CO -- One person died after crashing their Cadillac sedan into oncoming traffic on January 26.

The individual was driving south on Highway 287 near Longmont when they lost control and spun into oncoming traffic. A northbound Honda Pilot crashed into the side of the Cadillac.

Authorities responded to the collision and transported the five individuals in the Honda to the hospital. Police reported that the Honda passengers sustained various injuries. The Cadillac driver died due to injuries sustained in the crash.

The 34-year-old Cadillac driver was from Berthoud; the coroner has not released their identity. The five people in the Honda live in Fort Collins and are expected to recover from their injuries fully.

The authorities believe that snow and ice on the road from a winter storm contributed to the crash. Drugs and alcohol have been eliminated as factors in the crash, but police are still considering speed as a potential collision cause. 

Highway 287 was closed at Highway 66 until late Tuesday night.

Source: CBS

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