Could Under-Inflated Tires Cause Denver Car Crashes?

Recently, studies have shown that the majority of drivers are riding with tires that are improperly inflated and only to 80% of their capacity. Riding with underinflated tires is a sure-fire way to risk being involved in a Denver car crash-especially in inclement weather. Why? When tires are not properly inflated, they require more energy to move and maintain their speed. They are also more likely to fall flat at high speeds and will get poor traction on wet roads.

If you wish to avoid a devastating Denver car crash, one of the best things you can do is to check your tire pressure at least once a month when your tires are cold. Make sure that your tires are filled to the proper Psi and never overinflate them. When you are checking for tire tread, a popular test is the penny test. Place a penny inside one of the treads on your tire. If you can see Abe Lincoln’s hair or any part of the space above his head, then you need new tires. If you can only see his face, then your tires are still good to go.

When Tires Fail In Spite of Proper Care

Even when you regularly check your tires and inflate them properly, there are times when tires can fail. Defective tires occur more frequently than many drivers are aware of and these accidents are often catastrophic and deadly. Ineffective adhesion is one of the most common causes of defective tire crashes and can result from poor bonding components during manufacturing.

If you suspect that your Denver car accident was the result of defective tires, it is important to retain those tires for inspection. Contact the towing company, the junkyard, or auto repair shop to be sure that your tire is not destroyed or lost. Your Denver defective tire lawyer will need to examine your tire and use the defective tire as evidence in your case.

When tires fail, they can cause serious accidents and injuries to everyone on the road. In addition to injuries, you may also be facing liability from your accident or more serious charges if your accident led to a death. If your attorney can show that your accident was the direct result of defective tires, then the tire manufacturer may be to blame for your accident and the injuries to everyone involved.

Contact Denver Defective Tire Lawyers

The experienced Denver defective tire lawyers at Denver Trial Lawyers ® have the experience and resources needed to hold tire manufacturers responsible for their defective products. If you or someone you love is injured in a car crash and you believe that defective tires were to blame, it is important to retain legal help immediately. Our Denver injury lawyers will review your case and help you choose the legal path that is best for you and your family.

In a free consultation, a Denver attorney at Denver Trial Lawyers ® can inform you of your rights, educate you about the legal process, and discuss how we may be able to obtain compensation for you.