Why Some Cars Catch Fire in Crashes

Car accidents can be quite alarming, and they often result in a number of horrible consequences including injuries, damages, and emotional trauma. However, nothing is quite as frightening as being in an accident in which a car catches fire after. While some of these incidents are unfortunately not preventable, there are certain instances in which another’s negligence leads to these devastating occurrences.

The following are some of the most common reasons some cars catch fire after an accident:

  • Design flaws, such as electrical failures, defective vehicles, poorly positioned gas tanks, etc.
  • Failure to maintain, resulting in overheating catalytic converters, engine overheating, and electrical wiring malfunction
  • Electric and battery-powered vehicles can ignite on impact, due to battery malfunctions
  • If combustible fluids are exposed to a heat source,
  • Crumple zones are known as the front and rear end of a vehicle. They are known as such because they most easily “crumple” in an accident. This often dangerously results in major impacts on the engine, battery, and gas tank.

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