C-Section Lawsuits: What to Do When Cesarean Delivery Goes Wrong

A Cesarean section, or a C-section, can be planned or unplanned. A doctor may plan for this method of delivery if he or she believes that a vaginal delivery may present complications, if the mother has an infection, is carrying more than one baby, or is in a weakened condition. Unplanned C-sections generally occur due to delayed labor, signs of distress in the mother or baby, if the baby is too large, or if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck. While most doctors are well-equipped to handle this routine procedure, there are instances when the child or mother may be harmed due to negligence.

C-Section Complications

When doctors fail to follow proper medical protocol, the mother or baby can sustain serious injuries.

Common Child Birth Injuries

  • Lacerations, abrasions, and scarring as a result of the doctor making too deep an incision
  • Oxygen deprivation, which may lead to developmental injuries or cerebral palsy
  • Premature birth due to a C-section being performed too early in the pregnancy

Common Injuries to the Mother

  • Excessive blood loss as a result of a severed artery
  • Infections
  • Blood clots as a result of the doctor’s failure to administer blood thinning medications
  • Bladder and bowel injuries
  • Anesthesia injuries

Denver Birth Injury Lawyers

If you or your baby were injured during a C-section complication, speaking with an experienced medical malpractice attorney is crucial. The legal team at Denver Trial Lawyers ® has represented numerous cases in which children were injured due to the negligence of doctors, nurses, midwives and hospitals. Our firm holds the highest record for the largest medical malpractice verdict ever obtained in the state of Colorado.

C-section injuries do not just result in emotional pain and physical injury, but a significant amount of medical costs, which have the potential to last a lifetime. We will fight on your behalf, so that you may receive compensation and achieve justice.

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