Stuck Paying Medical Expenses After an Accident?

If you have been in a car collision, there are certain steps you must take in order to ensure the negligent party pays for your injuries. If you fail to act quickly or if you fail to take the appropriate steps, you could lose your ability to file a claim. An experienced Denver car accident attorney can ensure that you do not miss any critical deadlines and that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Steps to Getting the Compensation You Need

First, get prompt medical attention and keep meticulous records of every single medical expense associated with your car accident. Next, write down everything you can remember about the accident as soon as possible. This can include the weather and traffic conditions at the time of the accident, as well as any potential witnesses, the position at the car at the time of the accident and anything else you can think of. Should you end up filing a lawsuit against the negligent party, these notes will prove invaluable.

You will be required to show negligence, which essentially occurs when a person fails to act in a manner another reasonable person would have acted. This means that if another reasonable driver would not have been driving ten miles above the posted speed limit, or would have come to a complete stop at the intersection, then negligence may be present.

Perhaps one of the most crucial steps you can take following your Colorado car accident is to contact an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure you want to sue, talking your situation over with a skilled Colorado personal injury attorney can give you significant insight into your options. Speaking to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help ensure you aren’t stuck with paying medical expenses after an accident you were in no way responsible for.

Avoid reaching any settlement with the insurance company before talking to a lawyer. Insurance companies notoriously offer accident victims an initial low-ball settlement offer. They then pressure victims into accepting this offer by using a “take it or leave it” approach. They don’t want you to hire a lawyer because they know that they will have to pay significantly more money if you do. Even if you do not wish to file a lawsuit, your lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you receive a fair and reasonable settlement.

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