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Colorado Candor Act FAQs

Colorado Candor Act FAQs

Patients in the state of Colorado have new rights when it comes to healthcare safety, thanks to the Colorado Candor Act. Patients need to understand how this law affects them and how to take advantage of its protections. This blog will answer some common questions about the Colorado Candor Act, such as what it is, whether or not participation is voluntary, and how it helps improve patient safety.

What is the Colorado Candor Act?

The Colorado Candor Act ("the Act") was created in 2020 to help protect patients from potential harm due to medical errors. The Act requires hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers to inform patients when they suffer an adverse event or other medical error that could result in harm. Healthcare providers must also develop procedures for responding quickly and appropriately when these events occur.

Is Participation in the Process Voluntary?

Participation in the process outlined by the Act is not voluntary; institutions must comply with its requirements if they wish to continue operating in Colorado. Patients have a right to be informed of any adverse events during their treatment and an opportunity to receive compensation if their injuries are severe enough.

Do I Need a Lawyer Throughout the Process?

No, you do not necessarily need a lawyer throughout the process outlined by the Act. However, depending on your particular situation and the severity of injury caused by an alleged medical error, consulting with a lawyer specializing in medical malpractice cases might be beneficial before proceeding further with your claim.

How Does This Law Affect Me?

This law protects you as a patient regarding potential medical errors or adverse events at healthcare facilities within Colorado. You now have a legal right to be informed promptly should any incidents occur that could lead to potential harm so that you can seek appropriate treatment and/or legal advice regarding your options moving forward.

How Does This Act Improve Patient Safety?

The Colorado Candor Act is an additional safeguard designed to protect patients from potential harm due to medical errors or adverse events at healthcare facilities throughout our state's borders. By requiring institutions acting within our state's boundaries to adhere to more stringent reporting requirements regarding such incidents, patients can better understand their rights when facing such situations and seek appropriate compensation where necessary – ultimately leading to improved patient safety overall for all Coloradans accessing such care services within our state's borders.

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