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Dan Sloane of Denver Trial Lawyers ® Featured on Cbs 4 Related to Landmark Settlement of Sexual Assault Case

Largest Individual School Sexual Assault Award in Colorado History

Colorado courtroom

Dan Sloane recently attained the largest settlement for an individual victim of sexual assault by a teacher in Colorado history, holding both the school district, and its insurer, responsible.

When the decision by school administrators to ignore and cover-up numerous incidents of inappropriate behavior by a teacher led to the sexual assault of a young student, the family contacted Dan for help.

Through the analysis of thousands of documents and interviews with witnesses and law enforcement officials, Dan put together a case so persuasive that the school district and its insurer were compelled to settle, rather than risk taking the case to trial.

While the particulars of the case are confidential in order to protect our client, this complicated case dates back to 2007 when, as Dan uncovered, the school district knew that a teacher was acting inappropriately with female students.

Because the school district did not take any meaningful action to protect its students from this predator, Dan was able to prove the district violated their client’s Title IX rights, forcing the district and its insurer to pay the largest settlement ever paid in Colorado to an individual victim of sexual assault by a teacher.

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