My Car Was Hit by a Semi-Truck: What’s Next?

Unlike a car accident claim, when you are hit by a semi-truck, you may choose to sue not only the driver, but the company that employs him, unless he is an independent contractor. The important step here is to make sure that you determine who and how many parties may be responsible and held liable. This requires answering the following questions:

  • Who owns the truck?
  • Who was driving the truck?
  • Was the truck leased out to a person or company?
  • To whom are the goods being delivered?

Depending on all the facts of the case and its circumstances, it is possible that many or all of these parties could be sued. Even if the driver was an independent contractor, it is possible that the company who hired him could be responsible based on the language of the contract between them.

Unlike a car accident case, for which you would prove that the driver violated traffic laws and violations, you can additionally prove that there was a violation of federal trucking regulations. These regulations are strictly enforced and proving the driver violated one or more of them is often an effective route to proving negligence.

In 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 333,000 large trucks involved in traffic crashes, causing 3,921 deaths and 104,000 injuries. Injuries caused by semi-trucks are often more severe than those caused by cars due to their massive size.

The best way to approach a truck accident case is by seeking skilled representation to make sure that anyone who is responsible for your injuries or loss is held accountable. The Denver Trial Lawyers ® will fight to uphold your rights. We have obtained more than $300 million on behalf of our clients and have decades of combined experience. Contact our firm for a free case evaluation at (303) 647-9990.