When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, you will have a lot to deal with. The stress and anxiety of dealing with your injuries, having your vehicle repaired or replaced, and handling the claims process can seem overwhelming after such a startling experience. Fortunately, most car accident claims, especially those involving minor injuries or minimal property damage, are resolved fairly and expeditiously. Yet, there are times when the assistance of an attorney can be beneficial, or even necessary. An experienced Denver car accident attorney can facilitate the claims process and alleviate undue stress for you. The following information can help you decide if hiring an attorney is best for your claim.

Is Fault for the Accident Contested?

If there is any doubt or hesitation over assigning liability for the accident, you would be well-served to consult with an attorney. If a battle over fault ensues, and you are unable to prove the other drive caused the accident, you will lose your opportunity to recover any compensation for your losses.

Did You Sustain a Serious and/or Permanent Injury?

If you suffered any kind of back injury, broken bone, or any other type of injury that requires a long time to recuperate, or if you have a permanent injury, hiring an attorney to represent you professionally is a prudent choice. Basically, the larger your potential claim, the more you should consider consulting with a lawyer.

Do You Have Significant Out-Of-Pocket Expenses?

Medical expenses and rehabilitation fees can quickly get out of hand, especially when you are dealing with a stubborn injury or a long-term disability. Medical expenses and lost income totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars is more than you want to tackle without the help of an attorney.

Will Your Case Be Going to Court?

If you have been unable to resolve your claim through any alternative form of dispute resolution and the case will be going to court, the expertise of an attorney who understands the courtroom proceedings will be necessary. Hiring a Denver car accident attorney will give you the best chance of preserving your rights and winning your case.

As you seek to settle a car accident claim, keep in mind that it is common practice for insurance companies to undervalue claims. Maintain detailed medical and financial records, and keep all receipts.

Contact Denver Car Accident Lawyers

If you have difficulty attaining a fair settlement, or have any questions concerning the claims process, please contact our office today to speak with an experienced car accident attorney at Denver Trial Lawyers ®P. Our attorneys will review your case and help you choose the legal path that is best for you and your family.

In a free consultation, an attorney at the Denver Trial Lawyers ® can inform you of your rights, educate you about the legal process, and discuss how we may be able to obtain compensation for you.