Bird & Lime Accidents in Denver

As Rental Scootering Services Grow in Popularity, Risks for Injuries Increase

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The rental electric scooter company, Bird, is becoming increasingly popular.

In the past year, the California startup has moved into major cities around the United States, including Denver, and Bird scooters now occupy street corners all over the country.

Its rival company, Lime, is also growing in prevalence, vastly increasing the use and availability of rental scooters across the board.

All in all, companies like Bird and Lime make it fairly easy to find, rent, and get around on their electric scooters for a relatively low rate. Though convenient, these scooters pose an increased risk of injury for users and can create serious problems for others nearby.

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Common Injuries and Accidents Involving Bird, Lime, and Other Scooter Rental Services

Though these scooter rental companies have not been around for long, many people have already experienced crashes, collisions, and serious injuries.

So far, some of the most common accidents include:

  • Crashes caused by mechanical issues and malfunctions with the scooters themselves
  • Crashes caused (at least in part) by potholes, rapid terrain changes, debris, and other unsafe roadway conditions
  • Crashes caused by swerving or otherwise attempting to avoid colliding with a cyclist, pedestrian, or other scooter riders
  • Scooter riders being struck by opening car doors and building doors
  • Collisions involving scooter riders and pedestrians
  • Crashes due to the scooter wobbling or the front wheel locking up when attempting to slow down or stop
  • Crashes due to cut brake cables and other vandalism or scooter damage
  • Crashes due to sideswipe-type collisions between automobiles and scooter riders traveling on the side of the road, in the direction of the flow of traffic

Unsafe Behavior Increases Risk of Injuries and Accidents

Along with the general exposure to physical harm that riding a scooter creates, riders’ unsafe practices also contribute to the possibility of serious injury.

Common unsafe scooter riding practices include:

  • Failing to wear helmets
  • Sharing a scooter with other people
  • Riding a scooter on busy sidewalks
  • Failing to heed traffic signals when crossing the street on a scooter
  • Riding a scooter while under the age of 18 (or providing opportunity for underage riders or people persons not licensed to drive)
  • Scootering while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

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The Denver Trial Lawyers ® are here to serve you if you have been harmed in a scooter-related accident. When your injuries interrupt your life and begin to create hospital bills, time off work, and other expenses, we are here to help you make up for the loss you experience by helping you hold the responsible party accountable.

You may be unsure whether the culprit in your case is a scooter rental company like Bird or Lime, a negligent rider, the government entity responsible for maintaining the roadways, or someone else entirely. We are equipped to dive into the details of your case with you and determine who is responsible for the damage you have suffered, allowing you to recuperate and focus on getting better. Let our injury lawyers be your advocates and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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