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An Often Avoidable Tragedy

According to the Aviation Safety Network, which tracks commercial airline accidents globally, there were 22 accidents that resulted in nearly 1,000 deaths in 2014. We entrust commercial airlines to carry people safely to their destinations and cargo to where it needs to be, but as we know, that trust is sometimes broken when a disastrous, often avoidable, the accident occurs.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), some of the most common causes of fatal general aviation accidents between the years 2001 and 2011 were:
  • Loss of control inflight – Pilot loses control of the airplane, is not trained well enough to react appropriately to emergencies or unexpected occurrences.
  • Controlled flight into terrain – Airplane is unintentionally flown into some kind of obstacle or into the ground.
  • System component failure – Includes malfunctions related to or caused by maintenance issues; malfunctions related to propellers, rotors, powerplant controls.Vehicle manufacturer or product manufacturer
  • Low altitude operations – Flying too close to the ground or other obstacles, excluding takeoff and landing phases.

Working with Experts in the Aviation Industry to Understand Your Case

The Denver Trial Lawyers ® is comprised of a team of experts who work closely with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), retired pilots, engineers, computer and aeronautic experts, and accidents reconstruction experts to thoroughly understand the reasons behind the crash.


A History of Success

We have handled cases out of Chicago, Steamboat Springs, Rock Springs and Rawlins to successfully track the flight of the plane and test the avionics on board. Partner Steve Wahlberg contributes over 30 years of experience as a trial attorney and oversees every part of a plane crash investigation with his invaluable knowledge.

Wahlberg served as lead council on an airplane crash that resulted in the wrongful death of his client. He was ultimately able to prove that the pilot’s error in judgement, departing in poor weather, resulted in the fatal collision.

Speak with a Skilled Denver Aviation Accident Lawyer

We address each case on an individual basis, tailoring our approach to fit your own unique needs and circumstances. Additionally, our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay for our services unless we win your case.