Accident Risk Factors You Might Not Know About

The sad truth is that most car accident-related deaths could have been avoided if the parties involved had been more aware of their surroundings. Many drivers might be surprised by some of the risk factors that commonly contribute to everyday automobile collisions. For example, most drivers adjust their rear-view mirrors so both the back of the vehicle and the road are visible. But did you know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration actually recommends you avoid this configuration? Rather, you should adjust your mirror so that only the road, not the rear of your vehicle, is visible. Experts suggest this will give you better escape options for blind spots that sometimes force you to look around when you need to switch lanes. Below, we explain a few common factors that might contribute to a car accident.

Risk Factors That Might Contribute to an Accident

The following factors are commonly involved in automobile collisions:

  • Inappropriate or Excessive Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Driving in Darkness
  • Neglected Maintenance or Repairs
  • Improper use of Safety Features
  • Insufficient Attention to the Road

Demographic factors could also contribute to in the likelihood of an accident. These include:

  • Gender: According to research, men cause twice as many accidents as women.
  • Age: An average of 5,000 teens die each year in car accidents.
  • Occupation: About 15 pedestrian students are killed each year by school buses, usually after school is out.

In addition to the previous risk factors we’ve discussed, simple things like a hot car or eating while driving can also increase your chance of being in a fatal collision. Not only is a hot car difficult to breathe in, it can also impair your ability to control the vehicle, particularly if the steering wheel is overheated. Eating or drinking while you drive also forces you to rely on one hand to control your vehicle.

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