Denver Trial Lawyers ®: Protecting the Victims of Contaminated Surgical Equipment

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, it is our main focus to protect the rights of our clients. This includes individuals who have experienced negligence in medical facilities and needs help to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Recently, we have been representing those who have been put at risk of serious infection and illness as a result of contamination and sterilization issues at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, Colorado. This is an ongoing issue for anyone who had orthopedic or back surgery in the hospital between July 21, 2016 and April 4, 2018. The Porter Hospital lawsuit cites surgical site infections due to sterilization failure.

The hospital is responsible for the well-being of their patients, but unfortunately, an oversight regarding sterilization has resulted in numerous individuals dealing with the potential of infections and serious illnesses.

One individual actually awoke four hours after being put under anesthesia only to find that the scheduled surgery had not been performed. This was due to the discovery of contaminated surgical equipment.

This isn’t the only situation in which Porter Adventist Hospital has put patients at risk, and the contamination may have led to serious infections and illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. This is due to suspected deficient sterilization techniques on the equipment.

Porter Adventist Hospital has also sent patients letters to inform them of the potential risks they face after dealing with the contamination issue.

Individuals who have had orthopedic or spine surgery at Porter Hospital during the dates listed above may be able to seek legal action if they were exposed to the risk of serious infection. We encourage those individuals to get tested.

Our team is taking action on behalf of the victims to seek justice from the negligent parties. We understand how contamination and medical malpractice cases can happen. We also know how to hold parties financially accountable to seek compensation on behalf of our clients. Our infection lawyers work to help patients who were infected after surgery.

If you believe you were affected at Porter Adventist Hospital, we encourage you to contact our team at (303) 647-9990 to discuss your potential rights and options.