Attorney Feature: Partner Daniel A. Sloane

Denver Trial Lawyers ® Partner Daniel A. Sloane has dedicated his professional career to helping injured victims and families. Through his 20-plus years in practice as a Civil Trial Lawyer have earned him recognition among the nation’s top attorneys, his passion for making true differences in the lives of clients has been the driving force behind his successful career, and the success of our firm.

Dan’s areas of practice includes automobile and motorcycle collisions, medical negligence, sexual assaults on children by people in a position of trust and employment law cases involving failure to pay overtime wages, but his specialty, in its most essential form, rests squarely on helping people in need. This includes people from all walks of life who, while having entirely unique cases and deeply personal experiences, all require tenacious and personalized advocacy to protect their rights in the civil justice system.

The genuine support and high quality representation Dan has become known for have made a tremendous difference for our clients, especially those facing off against powerful insurance companies and corporations that all too often use their resources to place profits over people, and tip the scales unfairly in their favor. Dan speaks more about his role and his work in this capacity in his own words:

A Budding Trial Lawyer

Dan began his legal career representing large companies, home-builders, and developers. However, shortly into his budding career, the son of his mother’s housekeeper was hurt in an auto accident. Being the only lawyer they knew, Dan was asked to help, despite not having practiced personal injury law. Still, he accepted the opportunity to help someone in need, and began working the case with the support of an experienced injury attorney, ultimately obtaining a positive settlement on his client’s behalf.

That simple twist of fate, prompted by Dan’s desire to help, ignited his passion for representing the injured and the wronged, and solidified the direction for his career in personal injury law. Shortly thereafter, Dan went to work as an Associate Attorney for Steve Wahlberg, one of his current partners at Denver Trial Lawyers ®, and they, along with partners David Woodruff and Mike Nimmo, have been helping people together for 20 years.

A Proven Advocate

Since 1997, Dan has leveraged his passion and legal skills to cultivate a reputation as a proven advocate. This includes his recognition among The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers, U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Lawyers,” and Denver’s Top Lawyers according to the Denver Post and 5280 Magazine.

Among his many notable case results, including a recent $1 million recovery for a family involved in a head-on collision despite the responsible driver’s insurance company fighting to pay as little as possible, a few stick out for Dan:

  • A multi-million dollar settlement he obtained for a brain injured baby that allowed the family provide their child with special education, therapies and services that enhanced his recovery, and will continue to support him for the rest of his life. Dan is happy to say that he is still in touch with the family and his young client is thriving.
  • A $23 million defective product settlement. Dan was not only able to help many victims harmed by a defective product but was established a lasting friendship with his then 11-year-old client and his parents. That client is now an adult, and is helping children who face same types of medical issues he faced as a result of the defective product.

In addition to a record of impressive case results, Dan’s passion for helping the injured is readily apparent in his personal and professional advocacy efforts. This includes his active involvement with the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) for the past 20 years. Throughout that time, he’s not only helped many clients with traumatic brain injuries but has become friends with many victims and families whose lives have been forever altered by this serious injury.

The attitudes and outlooks of these individuals and families, many of whom are facing challenges simply unimaginable by most, inspire Dan to continue fighting for justice, and are a constant reminder of the true value of his work. That same passion is also shared by both of Dan’s daughters, from their support of BIAC by raising funds for the organization, to his daughter Dayna’s election to the BIAC Board of Directors, representing young people affected by traumatic brain injury.

Let Our Family Help Yours

Dan describes Denver Trial Lawyers ® and the many passionate people he works with on a daily basis as his work family, a sentiment that can be felt in the way our support staff and attorneys treat clients with the care and compassion they deserve, and how they work collectively to provide the highest quality representation.

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, Dan and our entire team take the time to not only learn every aspect of our clients’ cases, but to also get to know clients personally. By doing this, we better understand what’s most important to our clients, and how to best present their cases. Clients who choose our team in many ways choose a family that’s there to help – from being readily available and answering questions and concerns as they arise to personally returning client phone calls. There’s no substitute for knowing your client and your client’s case – it’s how our firm has been able to obtain justice in even the most challenging cases.

If you would like more information about Dan, our legal team, and the services we provide, or if you’d like to discuss a potential case personally with an attorney, contact Denver Trial Lawyers ® today.