Using Accident Reconstruction in Your Injury Case

If you have been injured in a Denver car accident, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain the compensation you need to fully recover from your accident. If your injuries are severe, you may also require money for long-term care, disability, and loss of future earnings. When this occurs, you need an experienced and skilled Denver personal injury law firm on your side. 
One of the tools your Denver injury lawyer may use to prove liability and secure maximum compensation involves recreating the scene of the accident. Accident reconstruction is a very detailed and precise analysis of exactly what happened in the moments just before the accident and how the accident occurred. This involves the use of highly trained and technical experts in various fields.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction involves examining all aspects of the accident, including the weather patterns, road conditions, where passengers were sitting, and the lighting at the time of the crash. It may involve examining tire marks, black box truck data, or crash damage to draw conclusions regarding negligence. Your lawyer may also interview eyewitnesses to get a more detailed picture of what occurred and cellphone records may need to be obtained. 
This information is critical to winning your case and can be extremely useful in helping judges and juries assign the appropriate amount of liability. Proving negligence is the key to obtaining the maximum compensation after a car accident. 
Some of the questions your lawyer may try to answer include:

  • Was speeding involved?
  • Did the driver apply the brakes and when did he/she apply them?
  • Were cellphone distractions a cause of the accident?
  • What was the angle of the sun at the time of the crash?
  • Were stop signs or other road signs clearly marked?
  • Was road debris a factor?

Reducing the Liability

In accidents that involved multiple parties, fatalities, or severe bodily injuries, accident reconstruction is vital to reducing your own liability and obtaining the compensation you need. The defense will likely try to pin some or most of the accident on you. They may try to twist the facts to make it appear that you had a way to avoid the crash or that you were the one who was negligent. Through accident reconstruction, however, the true facts of the crash can be established and innocent people protected.

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