Head on Collisions Are Often Deadly

Each year, millions of car accidents occur all over the United States. In fact, approximately 5,419,000 car accidents occurred in the U.S in 2012 alone. Yet of all the types of car accidents that occur each year, head on collisions are the most deadly. A head on collision is when the front end of two vehicles crash into one another, usually at a high rate of speed. While only 2% of car accidents are head on collisions, they result in 10% of all fatal accidents nationwide.

Negligence as a Reason

Negligence is a main contributor to head on collisions. Often times a head on collision occurs when a driver leaves his or her own lane and crosses into the other lane. In many cases, the driver at fault is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Other times a head on collision happens when a driver is speeding, driving while distracted by a cell phone, GPS or other device, or simply not paying attention to traffic signs and lights. According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 75% of head on collisions happen on rural roads and undivided two-lane roads.

The moment a head on collision occurs, the momentum of the two vehicles combined doubles. For example, if two cars traveling at 30 mph hit each other head on, it’s really like hitting a stationary object traveling at 60 mph. Because of the tremendous amount of force one undergoes when involved in a head on collision, it is crucial to have all injuries monitored closely by health care professionals. The appropriate amount of medical attention, physical therapy, and recovery time can make all the difference in the world.

If you or a loved one are involved in a head on collision and sustain serious injuries, it is necessary to consult with a skilled Denver car accident attorney immediately. Hospitalizations, surgeries, pain medications, physical therapy, lost wages, and long-term car expenses can all take a financial toll on injured victims and their families. An experienced Denver car accident attorney will help establish who is to blame for your accident, hold the negligent driver accountable, and fight to collect compensation that is rightfully yours.

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