One Killed After Fire Truck Strikes Sedan in Downtown Denver

Denver, CO -- A fire truck responding to a potential structure fire in Denver t-boned a sedan in a downtown intersection on Saturday. The crash killed one person and injured two others.

The fire truck carried five firefighters as it entered the intersection of Broadway and Speer Boulevard. At 1:37 PM, the fire truck - with emergency lights and sirens on - crashed into the sedan as both vehicles attempted to pass through the intersection.

Although several firefighters sustained injuries in the crash, all five immediately began working to extract the sedan’s passengers. Two sedan riders sustained severe injuries and are receiving medical treatment. A third sedan passenger died in the collision. The victims’ identities have not been released.  

One firefighter also required treatment for their injuries.

The Denver Fire Department is fully cooperating with the crash investigation, which is being conducted by the Denver Police Traffic Investigations Unit and Denver District Attorney’s office. Fire chief Desmond Fulton will evaluate the five firefighters to establish when they may return to work. 

Fulton said in a statement that the entire fire department “extends our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the victims of this tragic accident.” He also said the department is committed to preventing this type of “tragedy” from happening again. 


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