How Are Medical Bills Paid After a Car Accident?

Navigating How Are Medical Bills Paid After a Car Accident

Car accidents often leave motorists with substantial medical bills.

Unless your injury is very minor, you could require tens of thousands of dollars in care—or even much more.

But Who Pays Medical Bills in a Car Accident?

True, you can receive compensation for medical bills in a car accident settlement if you were not to blame for the crash. However, you won’t settle your case for several months and you probably need treatment now.

Our Denver car accident lawyers review the two main scenarios to better understand how you will pay for the care you need.

You Were at Fault for the Accident

In this case, you are responsible for your medical bills.

If you have medical payments insurance, you use this to cover the cost of medical care, since this type of insurance is usually no-fault. However, you can’t sue the other driver since you were at fault for the collision.

Your health insurer may want to be reimbursed out of any settlement you receive. Review your health insurance policy to understand whether it will cover your car accident injuries and what steps you need to take.

Someone Else Was At-Fault for the Collision

In this example, you might have several ways to pay for your medical care. For example, you can use medical payments insurance, if you have it. You might also use your own health insurance. If you have no insurance, then you might have to pay out of your own pocket or talk about a payment plan with a doctor. Tell the doctor you were injured in a car accident.

You can be reimbursed for the cost of medical bills in a car accident settlement, so keep track of the amounts you spent for care. Medical bills are usually one of the least controversial components of a settlement, but you still need good documentation. Also realize that your health insurer may be entitled to reimbursement pursuant to the health insurance contract.

It is in your best interest to consult a lawyer.

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