Types of Serious Car Accident Injuries

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Please consider some of the various serious car accident injuries that are possible in a collision, and note that our law firm has the experience, reputation, and resources that you can trust to effectively manage your claim.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are considered the most common type of injuries suffered in car accidents when they occur, the damages are significant.

A spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord--which runs the length of the spine and sends messages between the brain and the rest of the body--is injured. When this happens, that messaging system is disrupted, and the brain can no longer communicate with any part of the body that sits below the injury site.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Whenever the brain is shaken rapidly, hit with force, or penetrated, a traumatic brain injury is not only possible but likely. As such, traumatic brain injuries are one of the most common injury types in a car accident and can occur when:

  • The head is moved in a whip-like motion as a result of a sudden stop/impact, causing the brain to slam into the wall of the skull (a person will also likely suffer a soft tissue whiplash injury as a result of this, too);
  • The brain is hit with an object, including the front dashboard, the steering wheel, or another object in the vehicle; or
  • The skull is penetrated by an object, such as vehicle glass.

A traumatic brain injury is not only one of the most common types of injuries, but also one of the most serious. This type of injury can have lasting implications for the affected individual and can even be fatal in the most severe of cases.

Psychological Injuries

In some cases, after being involved in a car accident, some can suffer from emotional or psychological injuries. While less often talked about, psychological injuries can be equally as traumatizing. 

A lot of times people do not like to talk about their psychological injuries because they feel embarrassed or they feel sad or weak about the fact that they have a psychological injury. However, these can be the most significant and damaging injuries to someone's well-being.

They can affect your life, your lifestyle, your work, your employment, or even your outlook on life. Some common types of psychological injuries include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Although, psychological injuries can be tough to prove from your claim you can still seek compensation by keeping records of medical bills, counseling sessions, and any other type of medical treatment related to your psychological injury.

For example, losing a loved one after a car accident can sustain traumatic psychological injury to a person. You may have to attend counseling, therapy, visiting a psychiatrist, or having to take medication.

Amputation Injuries

Another tragic injury type is an amputation injury, which occurs when a limb is either actually amputated as a result of the collision (i.e. a limb is pinned between the ground and the motor vehicle, severing it), or as a result of medical necessity - if a limb or extremity is too badly damaged, it will often be amputated.

Sometimes, a limb is not actually amputated, but the victim loses the use of the limb temporarily or permanently.

Bone Fracture Injuries

There are 206 bones in the human body, and any one of them has the potential to fracture in the event that there is too much pressure placed on it. A bone fracture injury can be painful, disabling, and may cause long-term complications depending upon the site of the fracture and the degree of fracture.

In many cases, bone fracture injuries will heal completely with time but may require multiple surgeries, physical therapies, and various other interventions first.

Internal Injuries

While external injuries are obvious and visible to the naked eye, a victim of a car accident may sustain an injury to their internal organs that is not visible, making it particularly dangerous. For example, an internal organ that is hit with force may lead to internal bleeding, or a rib fracture could lead to a lung puncture - a deadly condition.

Because internal injuries can be fatal and are, as stated, not always obvious, anyone who is involved in a car accident should seek medical care immediately.

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