Pinnacol Assurance Wants Employers to Emphasize Safe Driver Training

A new article from The Denver Post revealed that Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s leading workers’ compensation insurance provider, is advocating for employers to implement better safe driver training. The new move comes after a review of workers’ compensation claim data revealed that vehicle accidents in the workplace were the cause 4 out of 10 employee deaths. In total, the claims for these types of cases have cost $173 million over the past five years.

Pinnacol provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage to roughly 60% of employers in the state of Colorado. While workplace injuries have dropped significantly in recent years, vehicle accident claims continue to be frequently reported.

The following employees have the highest risk of suffering a serious injury in a vehicle accident:

  • Health Care Workers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Chauffeurs
  • Messengers
  • Auto Service Workers
  • Police Officers

Clerical workers who have to drive around to perform some of their job duties are also vulnerable to these types of accidents.

More than a quarter of fatal vehicle accidents that occur in the workplace involve someone who wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Distracted driving is also a major contributor to vehicle accidents at work. As a result, Pinnacol is urging employers in Colorado to do more to make sure their employees are complying with these two things.

In addition to neglecting safety devices and distracted driving, a significant share of vehicle accidents involve workers who have been on the job for a year or less. In fact, 42% of vehicle accidents in the workplace involved newer employees.

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