Why Insurance Companies Fight to Avoid Jury Trials

Whenever a claim comes in from a victim seeking compensation from an insurance company for a negligent action, the first thought from the insurance company is to settle with the victim. After all, they get to offer what they believe is a fair amount and they don’t have to worry about what the public will think of them. No matter the case, insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid jury trials for a number of reasons.

Companies Look After Their Own Bottom Line

While insurance companies often claim to care about people, at the end of the day, many of them are looking out for their bottom line. They want to ensure they are making a profit—and a lawsuit (no matter how deserved) threatens that goal. Instead, they would rather devalue the plaintiff’s case, seeking to settle for pennies or pressuring the victim to give up their case by forcing them through grueling cycles of hearings, paperwork, and waiting periods—all without relief. This maneuvering is designed to hurt injury survivors, plain and simple.

Avoiding Social Judgment

For any company, what the general public thinks about them is vital to their profitability. It can prevent others from signing up for their services or using them in their own time of need. When an insurance company settles, they’re avoiding the social spotlight associated with a jury trial. This protects their reputation, allowing them to operate as though nothing ever happened.

We Bring Justice to the Wrongfully Injured

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, we know the reasons why insurance companies and negligent parties want to avoid jury trials. They get to avoid answering for the results of their negligence. For a victim, compensation is the first goal because it helps cover the losses caused by the accident. However, a jury trial allows them to bring the negligence into the public square, forcing the defendant to become transparent. In the best cases, jury trials make justice more accessible for others by forcing the company to correct its policies or risk paying higher amounts to future victims.

Our Denver trial attorneys are completely dedicated to our clients’ need for real justice—justice that makes their lives better and their communities safer. We want to give survivors a voice and a platform to hold powerful and negligent parties morally accountable, bringing their reckless actions into public view.

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