Semi-Trucks & Exploding Tires

If you have ever seen large pieces of black rubber scattered about the highway, it is likely that this debris came from a tire blowout from a semi-truck. Given the sheer size and weight of a fully loaded semi-truck, it is even more vital that its tires are properly maintained and capable of handling its immense weight. If its tires are overused, incorrectly installed or recapped, or if the tire overheats, this can almost certainly cause a blowout. Of course, this can lead to a dangerous accident, and more than one party may be culpable.

In such cases, the trucker may be to blame for not conducting a pre-trip inspection. Some truckers are also required to perform general maintenance and inspections on their truck’s tires and other equipment, such as brakes and lights. If a trucker fails to perform this task, they may be held liable. Despite their liability, the trucking company who employed the driver will pay for your compensation.

It is not always the trucker’s duty to maintain their truck. In this case, the maintenance company may be responsible for your injuries. Trucking companies often outsource maintenance services, so if a third party worked on the truck that was involved in your accident, the maintenance company may be considered liable.

Sometimes the fault is in the tire itself, which may be defective. If a defective tire caused the blowout, you can file a claim against the tire manufacturer. This would require proving that not only was the tire defective, but that the manufacturer was aware of it and made no attempt to fix it or alert consumers.

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