Portions Of I-25 Shut Down Due To A Semi-Truck Hitting An Overpass

  • March 27, 2013 | Read Time: 2 Minutes

Portions of I-25 that were shut down due to a semi-truck hitting an overpass have been reopened, according to 9 News. A commercial truck that was driving in the wrong lane damaged the bridge at the Speer Blvd overpass when it made contact as it went through. A portion of the freeway was shut down for several hours, one woman was seriously injured, and the driver was cited for the criminal charge of careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury. Engineers believe that the damage to the overpass is minor, and that the structure is sound and safe to use, but minor repairs will be made. Chunks of metal and concrete damaged four cars, with one piece smashing through a woman’s windshield.

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While it is very fortunate that only one person was injured in this crash, the physical injuries that the woman suffered could prove to be severe, with long-term medical consequences. It is vital that commercial truck drivers always keep in mind how potentially dangerous their vehicles are, and how much damage could be done when they driver carelessly. While trucking companies generally carry insurance for their drivers, they also usually have attorneys on staff to fight claims against their insurance.

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