Why Do Dui Accidents Happen?

What happens when too many people on the road have disregard for others? What happens when individuals decide to drink and then operate their vehicles? Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence that often leads to individuals suffering significant injuries.

We all know how drunk driving accidents occur: one party is intoxicated. However, it’s how the alcohol impacts the driver that is important because the decision to drive is a negligent and reckless one. Here are the impacts of alcohol on a person and why drunk driving accidents are so common.

Impairment: What Happens When a Person Drinks

The moment a person begins to drink alcohol, their bodies start to absorb the alcohol and the effects can begin. Unfortunately, one of those effects is impairment to a person’s decision making. This means they often decide to drive after drinking a considerable amount of alcohol.

Not only is the decision-making ability impacted, but it could impair someone’s vision, cause someone to be fatigued, or damage other senses. As a result, the driver may swerve into other lanes or oncoming traffic, or they may lack depth perception.

How Does This Result in a Crash?

When someone is impaired, it can be hard to see correctly. For instance, drunk drivers may have doubled vision or trouble seeing how close or far another driver is. When this happens, they may not make important decisions in time.

This commonly results in side swipe, rear-end, and head-on collisions—some of the most dangerous when it comes to injuries caused. Drunk drivers may also lose control, putting pedestrians and other individuals at severe risk of injury.

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