What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

It’s one of the most unfortunate experiences a person can have: a drunk driving accident. As drivers, we do all we can to stay safe on the road and stay clear of potential dangers. Unfortunately, this isn’t always entirely preventable when other individuals are negligent.

One of the most negligent things a person can do is drive while intoxicated. Drinking alcohol should be done so responsibly and an intoxicated person should have a plan in place to not drive during the time of consumption.

When drunk drivers choose to operate a vehicle while intoxicated, it can cause them to be involved in a serious car accident with others on the road. The other parties are often severely injured because the drunk driver either lost control of the vehicle, fell asleep, or was simply too intoxicated to drive safely.

Knowing what steps to take if you were injured as a result of a drunk driving accident is important. Here’s what you should do.

Get off the Road

If you can, one of the first things to do is remove yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle from the road. The more cars that pass, the more possibility there is for another serious accident to occur, and getting to the sidewalk can be beneficial to your well-being.

If you’re unable to, leave the vehicle where it is and make sure you and your passengers are out of the way of danger. Your vehicle may not run, but you don’t want to push it and risk another driver running into you.

Call the Authorities

When a car crash involves a drunk driver, there are more factors to consider than just the civil legal matters. There are also criminal situations involved because drinking and driving is against the law. Calling the proper authorities holds the negligent party criminally accountable.

For your benefit, having an officer at the scene can also be beneficial in getting you key pieces of evidence that can be used to your benefit. For instance, you can get a police record of the accident, as well as any indication—such as BAC levels—that prove the individual responsible for the crash was in fact intoxicated.

Take Photos for Evidence

Taking relevant pictures can help you should you take legal action against the responsible party. This includes taking pictures of the damage to both vehicles, the scene where the accident occurred, and any visible injuries that you may have sustained in the crash.

Pictures can be very beneficial as they show the damage to your property and self, but they can also paint a picture to help show fault if the damage is located in specific areas of the vehicle and the scene shows a potential cause. You may also have signs that the individual was drunk and you could try and take photos of these—such as empty bottles in a visible position in the car.

Get Medical Treatment

This is the case any time any accident occurs, even drunk driving crashes. You want to ensure that you are seeking medical treatment to help you deal with any condition that you may have sustained as a result of the collision.

Even if you don’t feel the initial pain, you may be experiencing adrenaline which will make it so you don’t know that you’re hurt right away. Getting medical treatment can help identify anything you may be missing.

Not only can you start getting treatment, but you can also get a medical record that indicates what kind of injury you sustained, as well as potential causes of that injury. This could link the pain you’re experiencing back with the accident.

Speak With a Lawyer

One of the most confusing things following a drunk driving crash is the legal processes. There are so many factors to consider that going through this situation alone may not only be confusing, but it can also risk your ability to pursue legal action.

Speaking with a lawyer can give you a bit more understanding regarding the things you can expect, as well as protect you from being taken advantage of by the defendant’s insurance company. This is important as the insurance company is determined to do anything they can to limit the amount they need to pay.

By hiring a lawyer, you can have someone who knows how to even the playing field when the case goes through settlement or trial. You want to have someone who is communicating your needs and goals to the proper parties in order to seek the most favorable outcome possible.

At Denver Trial Lawyers ®, not only are we focused on helping you move forward after an injury caused by a drunk driving crash, we’re also determined to hold the negligent party fully accountable for their actions. We go the extra mile to help you during your time of need because we truly care.

Our Denver drunk driving accident attorneys do not take this situation lightly. Nobody should get away with causing harm, especially in such a preventable accident. This is reckless behavior and the plaintiff should be forced to accept liability.

Our goal every step of the way is to give you peace of mind. This means explaining your rights and options, communicating what comes next, and keeping you confident at every turn. We’re here for you from start to finish.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a drunk driving accident, know that you have rights. Call us at (303) 647-9990 to discuss your potential case with us.