Man Killed Two Pedestrians While Texting and Driving

A man who killed two pedestrians while texting and driving has been sentenced to community service and probation, according to 9 News. The man was texting while driving along 168thAve in Thornton when he veered off the road, hitting three young men who were walking in the shoulder. Two of them were killed instantly, and the teenage brother of the younger man was injured in the crash. The driver could have spent up to a year in jail for each victim in the accident, but the families told the judge that they had forgiven him, and ask for leniency for him in sentencing. The driver was sentenced to perform 300 hours of community service and probation.

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The National Highway Traffic safety Administration reports that roughly 5,000 pedestrians, cyclists, and others unprotected by an automobile are killed each year in traffic accidents. With the modern safety features built into late model cars, from seat belts and air bags to other, more advanced features that make the car safer, it is no wonder that a disproportionately high percentage of the people killed in car crashes are pedestrians. A Colorado wrongful death claim may help ensure that the victim’s family does not suffer financial hardship on top of their emotional trauma. It is vital that drivers always be aware of the possibility of pedestrians and cyclists at all times. At the same time, awareness is paramount for pedestrians themselves as well. This begins with teaching children safe habits when crossing streets.