Lights Designed to Draw Distracted Driver’s Eyes Back Toward the Road

Continental, an auto supplier, has developed a system of lights designed to be placed inside cars that will draw a distracted driver’s eyes back toward the road, according to USA Today. With the problem of distracted driving, particularly with drivers who are distracted by using their cell phone while driving, the company’s idea is to present a safety system that will help prevent the accidents that occur every day as some drivers focus on things other than the task at hand. Each day, an average of 10 Americans are killed, and 1,100 are injured in distracted driving accidents. A number of government agencies, at the federal, state, and local levels have focused on reducing distracted driving through education. This company is hoping that a system that helps reduce distracted driving can also be profitable.

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According to, the official US government website for distracted driving, Over 3,000 people died in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2011, which was an increase from 2010. 387,000 people were injured in such crashes. While there are certainly many forms of distraction on the road, cell phones and other electronic devices seem to be among the leaders. Colorado drivers should know that all cell phone use is prohibited for all drivers under the age of 18, and texting and driving is banned for all Colorado drivers regardless of age or experience. These are both considered primary offenses, which means that a driver can be pulled over for breaking these laws. Some of the other common forms of driver distraction listed are eating, grooming (shaving, putting on make-up, etc.) adjusting the radio, and reading maps.

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