Study on Texting and Driving

People know that texting and driving is dangerous, but a new study at Ohio State University shows that pedestrians talking or texting on their cell phones while walking is dangerous as well, according to CBS Denver. In 2010, more than 1500 people were injured while walking and using their cell phones. People walk into objects like hanging plants, but they also have a tendency to walk into traffic. According to researchers, the human brain doesn’t multi-task well, contrary to what many people believe, and so when people try to concentrate on both their phone and where they are walking, something gets left out. In fact, the study suggested that talking on the phone while walking is more dangerous than texting while walking.

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Sometimes, when a person behaves irresponsibly, they seem to present a danger primarily to themselves. On the other hand, sometimes the greatest danger is actually to other people. When a pedestrian walks unexpectedly into traffic, drivers will generally try to avoid hitting them. While pedestrian collisions are sometimes caused by pedestrians walking into traffic when they shouldn’t, sometimes the driver, in an attempt to avoid the pedestrian, hits someone else instead. The driver may hit a different pedestrian, another car, or a fixed object that results in the driver himself being injured. As important as it is for drivers to watch where they are driving at all times, it is equally important for pedestrians to be paying attention when walking near traffic.