Infant Has Died From Injuries

According to CBS Denver, an infant has died from injuries received while being cared for at an unlicensed day care in Windsor. The child, who was 7 months old, was airlifted to Children’s Hospital after a 911 call saying that the baby was unresponsive, and struggling to breathe. It is unclear exactly what caused the baby’s injuries, but he spent three weeks at Children’s Hospital, but was not able to recover. The police are investigating the caregiver, who apparently was providing care to three other children in addition to her own children, which requires a license from the Colorado Department of Human Services that she did not have. No charges have been filed, although police are looking into the possibility of child abuse.

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When you take your child to day care, you expect that he or she will be receiving the kind of care that you would provide yourself. You know that accidents happen, and kids get bumps and bruises, but you certainly don’t expect life-threatening injuries, caused by the day care staff. You also expect that the staff has followed the law and obtained the necessary licensing to show that they are trained and equipped to properly care for your child. That is, after all, what the licensing process is for. If your child is so badly hurt at day care that he or she doesn’t survive the injuries, knowing how to deal with that is incredibly hard.

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