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The Long-Lasting Impact of an Amputation by Injury

Denver Trial Lawyers

Imagine being involved in a car accident. What are some of the worst injuries you would expect can occur? While many think of the bruises, cuts, and head trauma that can occur, one of the injuries not thought about as often is amputation.

This is a very serious condition that can be sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence. There are plenty of long-term effects often associated with an amputation and it’s important for individuals who are injured to understand what these are and how to move forward.

The Physical Effects

Over the long-term, some of the problems associated with amputation can include phantom limb pain. This is a situation in which the individual feels pain at the site of the limb where the amputation occurred. For instance, if a lower limb was amputated at the knee, pain may occur where the leg would be below the knee.

The injured party may need to use a prosthesis which can be helpful, but some issues may still exist, including skin irritation. This may include a rash where the prosthesis connects, as well as deep tissue injuries as a result of force and pressure from the prosthesis.

What Causes Amputations?

Amputation may be the needed aftermath of multiple situations, including car accidents in which the injury sustained is so severe, a doctor must make a decision to amputate in order to save other parts of the limb or to help prevent further damage.

Another situation that may call for an amputation is when the patient has an infection that was not properly detected or diagnosed by a medical professional. This means the infection began to spread and the only way to stop it would be amputation.

Our Denver amputation attorneys recognize the potential dangers that may be associated with car accidents, medical issues, and other situations in which amputation can occur. We also know how this can impact a person’s entire life, including a loss of enjoyment.

As such, our team at Denver Trial Lawyers work hard to protect you when you need legal counsel to pursue compensation. We’re truly committed to helping you reach the outcome you desire when you need it the most.

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